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In 1976, Hipolit and Julia Trojanowscy founded Trojanowscy’s Brickyard, which works continuously to this day. Traditions are cultivated by successive generations of the family Trojanowski, a knowledge of the secrets of the production of a good brick goes from “father to son”. Currently, the fourth generation is experiencing the adventure of building ceramics.

Julia and Feliks Trojanowscy forming brick
Julia and Hipolit Trojanowscy founders Trojanowscy's Brickyard Kraśnik Poland
Brick of the Trojanowscy's Brickyard at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. On the photo Hipolit Trojanowski
Trojanowscy's Brickyard in 1976 - Manufacture of handmade bricks, fittings and tiles
Hipolit Trojanowski working in the Trojanowscy's Brickyard

Trojanowscy’s Brickyard being aware of the social role it plays in their environment, as an entrepreneur draws on the resources area where the works, also had a great contribution in changing the face of the city and its surroundings, which thanks to the availability of local brick became “beautiful masonry and brick color standing.” From our handmade brick built many churches throughout the Lublin region, also we handed over free of brick on the noble and socially useful purposes. The greatest gift Kraśnik brickyard for the whole Polish nation was donating 50,000 bricks for the reconstruction of the Royal Castle in Warsaw. It is also worth mentioning the strong commitment of Hipolit in effect and Social Committee for the Reconstruction of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Branch in Kraśnik.

Today the company boasts a 50-hundred years of tradition, which is more than 50 million bricks produced. All these years we worked with a number of individual and institutional customers realizing hundreds of orders and we can be proud of over a thousand satisfied customers . It is worth to mention a very good and fruitful cooperation with restorers and restoration companies, which translates to more than 300 objects of historic restored our products.
We also invite you to take a look at the interviews with the owner of the brick factory, Feliks Trojanowski, who talks about the history of our company.


Technological line of manual production of ceramic building materials in Trojanowscy’s Brickyard in Kraśnik can be divided into the following stages:

Extraction and production of raw materials

Our brick is organic and 100% made of high quality clay loess without any additives – is simply “healthy”.
Hand forming blanks by “sand”

With manual production of each of our brick and tile molding it is different and has his soul. As a result, we can quickly adapt to individual orders.
Drying blanks on the square

We dry our bricks in a natural way, which is reflected in the quality of our products.
Raw bricks handmade before firing
Coal firing furnace cord Hoffmann

Due to the uneven distribution of fire in the furnace hoffmanowski our bricks, which are hand-molded take different colors and shapes.
Sorting and packaging

We introduced an innovative process of selecting bricks for the presence of marl. Thanks to our bricks are free from defects which may occur after a period of use of bricks.
Pallets of sorted handmade brick

Implementation of the standard brick - face retro Poland


Brick of the Trojanowscy’s Brickyard is hand-molded from plastic mass in the process of so-called “napulchnianie”. Through this process our bricks, tiles and fittings receive large amounts of air into the molding. Brick, the after burning is achieved high porosity, up to 15%, which allows for better absorption and giving moisture in a natural way, without “sweating” of the walls, ventilation ducts and smoke, etc. Our products provide a complete hardiness, and made our brick facades. They do not change color and does not peel off over time. Another advantage of bricks is excellent thermal insulation, which gives warmth in winter and coolness in summer. You can read more here about the advantages of hand-molded bricks.


Trojanowscy’s Brickyard participates in many trade fairs and exhibitions to give awards and distinctions. Conservation Fair in Toruń 18-20.10.2008 – the main award “GRAND PRIX” for the effective maintenance of the tradition of Polish craftsmanship and for the brick and tile products very useful in conservation.
Grand Prix award for best polish brick handmade - Trojanowscy's Brickyard
Award shows Toruńskie Grand Prix Maintenance 2008 for handmade bricks in the Trojanowscy's Brickyard
Our products are highly regarded architects supervising the renovation work in historic buildings.
Castle in Malbork - used our standard brick, Gothic, and large and small German women
As part of the annual event „Kup Pan Cegłę” celebrated in August in Kraśnik to present their products and issue the world’s largest brick handmade size: 2006 year – 62x30x16cm – weight 45kg; 2007 year – 72x33x14cm – weight 54kg. In preparation it is even greater …

The world's largest brick produced in Trojanowscy's Brickyard - Guinness record Poland
On the 800 anniversary of Building Ceramics 7.10.2009r. Felix Trojanowski awarded the Golden Badge of the Association of Manufacturers of Ceramics Polish.
Handing Feliks Trojanowskiemu Golden Badge of the Union of Manufacturers of Ceramics Polish
We have repeatedly written about our factory in the press. For more information visit News.
We have repeatedly written about our factory in the press - best polish brick

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