Brick Wall

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cegła na ścianę ręcznie formowana

Brick wall

Brick wall very grateful lumber. It can be used on walls, internal and external, as a decoration or building material. The versatility and good looks in each of them makes fashion brick does not fade, and its usability and visual continues to attract more users. In this text we advise how to choose brick wall outer and inner wall.

Brick outer wall

Brick facade – ie those brick wall external – primarily face brick and clinker. They belong to one group facing bricks, but It is common their demarcation. Mostly it has to do with the tradition and pre-existing norm Polish (currently valid European standard, which abolishes the demarcation of facing bricks). So how to choose brick wall exterior? First of all you should define your needs. If the brick will work in conditions of high humidity or will have direct contact with the water – should be used clinker brick. If we care about the standard building material to erect walls, creating facades on the walls, which do not need to be plastered, as well as for the construction of chimneys, curtain walls, or other similar objects, select face brick. The difference between the brick and clinker facade involves primarily on higher mechanical strength and reduced absorbency of clinker brick. Our brickyard offers a variety of hand-molded brick facade. Thanks arranged them much easier, and the effect of the arrangement looks very favorable. We encourage you to check the brick facade of aged, white, retro and angobed.

Brick on the inner wall

Brick is still one of the most interesting interior decoration. Appropriately selected brick wall is the perfect recipe for a unique arrangement of the interior, both in homes and premises. This material is timeless, and we guarantee that it will never go out of fashion. A wide range of decorative bricks means that there is a choice. In arranging the internal walls are perfect for brick retro brick white and antiqued. Irregular shapes bricks give the interior a natural and raw nature. Choosing a brick to the inside should, however, be preceded by a thorough analysis. It is not always red color turns out to be the best solution. Inside the red wall can greatly reduce the visual space, which is why the proposed is rather larger premises. If you do not want to focus attention on a brick wall, you might want to choose brick with a less intense color. They excel here antiqued brick, white or darker colors. Very interesting composition is a direct connection to brick walls and uniform finished in white. We invite you to browse our extensive offer, in which we present our products. If you are looking for inspiration to choose brick walls external or internal, we encourage you to review our existing realizations.