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Start of the season 2020

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Wypał w piecu hoffmana cegieł i kształtek pełnych licowych ręcznie formowanych
Heart Trojanowscy’s Brickyard already working ? type oven Hoffmanowskiego “vibrant” heat giving final shape to our products ? Welcome to place orders…

Feliks Trojanowski talks about the history of the brick factory

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Feliks Trojanowski
The owner of Feliks Trojanowski talks about Cegielnia Trojanowscy. The film comes from the collection of the Spoken History of the Center “Brama Grodzka – Teatr NN”, more you can find there: My father’s brickyard My father is a businessman Registration for a brick Clay from Kraśnik Brickyard is seasonal Adventure with brickworks part 1…

Our retro bricks and cooperation with MAZM – see the projects

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cegły retro od producenta cegielnia trojanowscy
Retro bricks and cooperation with MAZM Today we have something special for you – Naked House – a house made entirely of our retro brick. A brilliant MAZM Architects project and equally brilliant photos Ignacy Matuszewski. If you need bricks, design or photos then you know where to go 🙂 Bricks, brick tiles ?…