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“Gazeta Wyborcza” No. 162, 13 July 2004

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gazeta wyborcza lublin wtorek 13 lipca 2004 gazeta wyborcza 2004 renowacja obiektów lublin cegła gotycka lublin cegielnia trojanowscy
Gothic brick of the twenty-first century Bricks same as those fired hundreds of years ago and used for the construction of Romanesque monasteries and Gothic cathedrals created a few dozen kilometers from Lublin. Felix Ignatius Trojanowski owns the only country in the brickyard, which can order restore the historic building material To repair the Cracow…

“Dziennik Wschodni” 29 October 2003

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Dziennik Wschodni środa 29 października 2003 warto budować z cegły ręcznie formowanej
What to build? The house is a place where we spend most of our lives. You should therefore make every effort to make it up to human friendly, built with healthy and eco-friendly materials, with good thermal and acoustic insulation Currently, we have a wide choice of solutions is to put healthy and warm wall…

“Kurier Lubelski” 21 Aug 2003

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Kurier Lubelski 2003 artykul gazeta Cegielnia Trojanowscy
– Contrary to appearances, the force that makes our products are sold is a traditional technology that allows for arbitrary shapes of bricks as ordered by the contractor. We can do a short series of fittings and bricks of different sizes and textures, min. Gothic monastery, garden and English – Felix says Trojanowski, the owner…