Decorative brick

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cegła dekoracyjna ręcznie formowana

Decorative brick

Brickyard Trojanowscy is on the market since 1976 and manufactures handmade brick. They can be used to make facade ornaments and decorations garden architecture.

Production of bricks

Bricks are produced from the fourth century BC They were fired in kilns with a very high temperature. This solid state material is formed, inter alia, clay, or natural material that is environmentally friendly. The bricks can be used to construct the walls and facades, as well as for decoration, for example, wall elements or fireplaces.

Characteristics Decorative brick

Handmade decorative brick is very durable, it is characterized by high quality and ease of maintenance. Its irregular shape and not obvious can freely change the appearance of the wall construction or other solid element, eg. The fountain, or the wall garden. The unique design adds spaces individual character.

Decorative colored brick facade

Decorative brick, from which you can do the facades, as well as use it in interiors, eg. Housing fireplace or in the garden is available in different colors: All the above mentioned bricks were made with conventional face with a uniform surface. The offer Brickyard is also Decorative brick in shades red, cherry, gray and ashen at the same time. The material of which it is formed burned face, characterized by the presence of cracks zażużleń and deformation caused by high temperature.

Decorative brick antiqued

An interesting effect of the present brick postarzonym appearance. They are made of materials in different colors like orange. It was made with a face that has numerous pits. The choice is also antiqued brick of red barwie also aimed at pitting faces. Another example Decorative brick is an antiqued brick facade, created with the melange shades: orange, cherry and red. It looks interesting especially in large interiors, as seen in the pictures in gallery.