Transport TIR Trojanowscy Brickyard bricks, shaped bricks, tiles, clay handmade

    Transport of our products within the country and the European Union, carried out with the use of cars with a lift offered by a reputable shipping companies. We strive to make our products reach to you without any damage.
    In Lublin province we organize transport of our products through friendly transport companies. Transport prices are determined individually.

    We are able to arrange transport on Polish territory, “day by day” through TransMM Company in the price 260zł gross per pallet (ie. groupage). Pallet weight is max. 1200kg. In the case of incomplete pallets price is determined individually.

    In the case of other contracts, including international, we use our reputable company Arena transportation Gdynia. There is a possibility to arrange return transport, which can be up to half the price of LCL. Contact our expert on logistics at Arena Transportation company – Paweł Trojanowski to learn more about return transport prices tel. +48 696 800 233.
    We also invite you to receive an individual our bricks, fittings and tiles hand-molded.