Brick price

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cegła cena ręcznie formowana

Brick price

Brick This is one of the most popular building material in the world. Known and used since ancient times to the present day is an excellent building material offering excellent properties and visual qualities. The diversity of brick is another advantage. By far the most interesting of these bricks are molded by hand. They allow to perform various elevation – from internal stacking walls, kitchens or living rooms, to resolve facade. Because of the diversity that characterizes the brick, price individual products may vary in a very wide range. Brickyard Trojanowscy since 1976 ensures the lowest possible price products.

Price bricks depends on the parameters

Cheapest brick available in our wide assortment sold at a price of 1.30 zł / pcs. gross. These are mainly building bricks and bricks burnout. Brick facade in orange, cherry, red and white costs about 1,50 zł / pcs. Gross. Each brick has its own distinctive shape and beautiful, traditional form. Handmade bricks are characterized by a unique, slightly rough appearance. Our bricks are also easier molding. Experts say that due to irregular shapes when laying bricks do not need to maintain high precision. It is much easier to mask the shortcomings and errors in the art of masonry.

Brick – price and functionality

Of course, we can find a cheaper brick done with surgical precision. These types of products will have a lower specification, and will give only a narrow application. Bricks formed by hand are designed for all conditions. They can be placed on the outside, so that will give the building a raw, beautiful and classic look. Deciding to lay bricks inside, significantly raise the qualities of the interior. Our brick will fit in every corner. Brick – prices most brick by size We produce hand-molded bricks in every size. We offer you a brick: Dutch, English, German, Belgian, Romanesque and many others. Below is a brief description and prices of our most popular bricks. Full range of handmade bricks is in this place.
  • – Dutch brick size 18x8x4,5 cm costs about a buck gross per unit. Brick offers traditional, equal to the face with shades of red. Per square meter consumes 96 pieces of bricks.
  • – English Imperial Brick with dimensions 22,5x10x5,7 cm is slightly more expensive. The cost for one brick is 1.30 zł gross. Brick “Imperial” is a traditional and equal to the face in shades of red. Square meter fill up 54 arts.
  • – German brick is divided into: a German Small and German Big. The German Small has dimensions of 27x13x7 cm, and its cost is 2,30 zł / piece. The square meter is 306 bricks. A German large has dimensions of 28x14x7, and its price is 3,30 zł / piece. Both offer a single brick face in shades of red. You can order a different face. The square meter is 45 pieces of bricks.
These are just examples of our wide range of hand-molded bricks. We invite you to accurately check our offer and to place orders.