Decorative tiles, tile brick

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Płytki ceglane ścienne ręcznie formowane licowe

Decorative tiles, tile brick

Decorative tiles with an interesting texture and different colors improve the appearance of the garden or premises, as well as external facades. They are lighter than tile brick, but provide the same effect as one. Thanks to its size do not take up valuable space in the interior.

How decorative tiles are made?

Decorative tiles is carried out by cutting off the faces of the molded bricks manually. It is thereby preserved the appearance of the component, as well as its distinctive and very interesting look. The tiles are used for the facades, including their restoration, as well as indoors. They can also be laid in the gardens, for example. Paths, grills or with decorative elements such as walls. Tiles imitating brick is used both during the laying of the house, and also at a later date. Definitely they change the look of the rooms, giving them a warm character, or on the contrary – austerity. They contrast with the color of the walls adjacent. Tile brick is also used on all the walls in the room. The plates produced by the Brickyard Trojanowscy have only 3 cm, which practically do not take up usable space. Decorative tiles are available in various shapes and colors on request of the buyer. Below we describe examples offered by the Brickyard wall and floor tiles.

The use of decorative tiles with brick walls and garden

Decorative tile brick in shades of orange It is made of a conventional single face. It can be used for both liner façade, and the position of the walls inside the premises. It will be perfectly presented on the housing fireplace, kitchen, bathroom and living room. It is also ideal for finishing decorative elements found in the garden, for example. Walls with flowers or plants or the garden barbecue.

The best brick decorative tiles on the floor

On the floor or the floor are recommended for decorative tile, brick with equal, uniform face. They can be used as material for a garden path or stairs. An example of such plates is copy-colored brick presented in this tab. This is for illustrative purposes only specimen. Brickyard Trojanowscy proposes a decorative plate in many different colors and shapes, designed by the customer or in cooperation with it. The plate is made of hand-molded bricks arranged in different ways: straight, spiral, alternating, or diagonal ladder. Number plates needed depends on it the preferred pose.