“Dziennik Wschodni”, No. 201, 27 August 2004

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Dziennik wschodni 2004 cegła dobre parametry ceglana eksport cegła na indywidualne zamówienie
Kraśnicka brick conquering medieval Europe

In the area of ​​active Kraśnika it is now seventeen brickyard. Most of them are in decline. But soon, they can flourish – as in the good old years. How come? Because nowhere in Europe is not getting longer a brick … so primitive method – manually
– Currently, I’m doing a big heavy, dark brick to rebuild the Gothic cathedral in Olsztyn. I also had orders for bricks for restoration of monuments of Warsaw and Cracow Gate in Lublin – says Felix Trojanowski of a brickyard Trojanowscy.

Kraśnik brickyards win the competition with the ability to do short runs of bricks.

– big bet there will move the production to make bricks of different dimensions, colors and shapes. And we are able to do a series of five thousand units – Adds Trojanowski.
– The French, for example, wanted a molded in the shape of the moon, the Italians tiny clay tiles. Germany Gothic buildings for renovation taking bricks large, heavy, cherry-red. The English want a very clear, which is difficult to burn.
Western audience appreciate Kraśnicka brick, because they know that the handmade product is ecologically clean. And healthy – thanks to a large number of pores.
– Leeks make brick is absorbable. This allows for better absorption and giving moisture in a natural way. There is no effect of “sweating” walls, ventilation ducts and smoke – explains Felix Trojanowski.-

returns the old

In the West, especially in England, it is now the fashion for the stylized “old” brick walls. There are also very specific order.
-Robiliśmy already brick, which – as a buyer willed – not only had to look like an old, but must also be cracking, chipping, gaps, and at the same time be a full-fledged product – says Mariusz Osiniak, the owner of a brickyard Hofmanowskiej in Kraśnik.
The widening of the Kraśnik-border contacts Brickmakers perceive their future. – Only such a niche production can save our profession – say with conviction.
Text and photos by Fabian Plapis