“GŁOS-Gazeta Powiatowa” No. 16, 30 August 2006

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Gazeta artykuł powiatowa 2006 duże cegły największe cegły na świecie rekord Cegielnia Trojanowscy
During the Days of Kraśnika could not miss the festival “Buy Mr. Brick” and the world record for the largest brick
We have another record holder

Their dimensions are 62 cm by 31 cm and 16 cm and weighs more than 45 kg. In the family there were 30, but the hardships of existence made it to the ripe age of only two of them survived. Who they? The two largest hand-molded bricks of the world, which were presented during the annual festival under the slogan “Buy Mr. Brick”, held within the framework of Days of Kraśnik.
The fact that Kraśnik is a brick basin, to convince anyone unless you do not need. Although brickyards operating in our area, due to the strong competition in the construction market remained far less than several years ago. Kraśnicka hand-formed brick is known and appreciated not only in Poland but also in many European countries. And its promotion serves, inter alia, organized by the local government and the brickyard owners fete under the slogan “Buy Mr. Brick.” It is inseparable pompously celebrated Days Kraśnika.
No brick festival can not turn held without trying to beat the world record for the world’s largest handmade brick. This year, the record attempt took the Brickyard Trojanowscy with Rafting Seconds. Previous belonged to Hoffman Brickyard state Osiniaków.
The production of bricks record holder was difficult and certainly each successive hammering this record will be increasingly difficult. Our ovens Hoffman are designed for burning bricks of standard dimensions, and burning more and more crossed a certain threshold of technology – announces Felix Trojanowski. owner of the brickyard. – During the process of drying and firing clay brick work powerful contractions. The greater the brick, the harder it is to predict how it will behave during the whole process.
The fact that beating the record was not a simple matter can attest the fact. the brickyard Felix Trojanowski was founded in the early 30 salads. Drying them before putting in the oven survived only 1/3. They were fired fourteen days including two at the highest temperature of over 1100 degrees Celsius. With the furnace was able to remove only 2 ready brick in good condition.
Bricks record holder has been officially measured and presented during Sunday’s festival “Buy Mr. Brick,” which was held on 20 August. Despite the bad weather (storm which passed just before the start of the Kraśnik could have thwarted the plans of the organizers) he attracted crowds of residents’ city and surrounding areas.