“Kurier Lubelski” 28 August 2007

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Prasa kurier lubelski 2007 największa cegła świata Cegielnia Trojanowscy
BRICK record holder
On Sunday evening, during this year’s Days of Kraśnika on the festival promotes Kraśnik basin cegielnicze shown the greatest, handmade brick world. They have done it in the brickworks Trojanowska Beaty and her father Felix in Splavy II wheel Kraśnika. Brick weighs 54 kg. Its dimensions are: length – 72.5 cm, width – 33 cm, height – 14 cm. Brick has received a certificate of the Society of Control Records unusual headquartered in Rabka I was entered into the Polish book of records and curiosities. Will also Guinness Book of Records.