“Dziennik Wschodni” 18 August 2008

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Gazeta dziennik wschodni 2008 największa cegła rekord Guinnessa Cegielnia Trojanowscy
One of the most important events in the city canceled

Brick-giant is, the record will not

■ The world’s largest hand-kneaded brick wait for the official recognition of the record until the year. The lack of agreement in the environment cegielniarzy caused the withdrawal of the city to organize the event.

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Festival “Buy Mr. Brick” was a flagship event organized for several years in Kraśnik. He intended to promote the city. He abounded in numerous competitions, including kneading brick by VIPs and residents. The main point was to beat the Guinness world record in the biggest hand-formed, brick in the world.
This year, however, the festival and the next record will not. Although brick-giant is ready. It has 77 centimeters in length, 35 cm width and 17 in height. It weighs well over 60 kilograms.
– It was not easy to do it. We made up the so-called 15. salads (with wet clay bricks), but only three survived drying. We just had to burn it in a furnace. But if the festival was canceled, I will not be in a hurry – he says regretfully Felix Trojanowski, who intended to break his own record last year. He did not make an attempt for a record claim because of the cost of more than 2 thousand. Golden. – Besides, it would not make sense. He hoped mainly festival and promotion of the city as well as our products – adds Trojanowski.
This turn of events, however, can be expected. For several years – despite the fact that around a dozen Kraśnika brickyard – in organizing the festival turn on just a few.
– Not all manufacturers of bricks were involved in organizing the festival, and then they had a grudge that promotes this or that – Says Andrzej Rej, President of the National Association of Manufacturers of Construction Materials “Cerbud”, co-organizer of the festival.
What is the city authorities? – In August, there will be festival “Buy Mr. Brick,” but that does not mean that you completely give up his organization during the next days Kraśnika. We are working on a new formula to promote the city, which would put greater emphasis also on other motives distinctive Kraśnik – says Daniel Niedziałek, spokesman for the Office of Kraśnik.