“Kurier Lubelski” 31 August 2007

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Gazeta Kurier lubelski sierpień 2007 kup pan cegłę festyn największa cegła Cegielnia Trojanowscy
largest brick


One of the flagship programs Days Kraśnika for several years has been held at the Old Town festival promotes Kraśnik brickworks under the slogan: “Buy Mr. Brick.” And so it was this year. It is true that times have changed a little, because the brick kneaded by hand enjoys high demand, especially among foreign customers, and does not need to advertise, even though the festival organizers stuck to the old formula and continue to praise what native. Few can do this while ensuring that residents Kraśnika entertained.
Once the county Kraśnik was almost 80 brickyard. Now there are 19, but the best thriving where the tradition of making the bricks passes from generation to generation. This is the families Osiniaków, Trojanowski, Piętalów and others.
During the festival there were several interesting contests for children and youth, of course, thematically related to the brick and clay. In the competition for the fastest production bricks winner Michael Pęcak, and another took place: Luke Ufniarz and Tom Tobias. They admitted that they already have experience in the production of bricks in the local brickworks. Another highlight was a cop for purpose. With this task they are best advised himself, winning the next places: Lukasz Jastrzebski, Daniel Roman and Jacob Martys. In the next discipline -biegu with a brick tied to his leg was won by Robert Sulowski, Gregory Bucoń and Paul Hanaj.
The most popular were the usual competitions for the public. They were made clay brick, and by the way he fell another record. It was the world hand-formed bricks of the world, which was made in a brick factory Trojanowska Beaty and her father Felix in Splavy II, gm. Kraśnik. Brick giant weighs 54 kg. Dimensions record the bricks are: length – 72.5 cm, width – 33 cm, height -14 cm. She received a certificate of the Society of Control Records unusual headquartered in Rabka and was entered into the Book of Polish records and curiosities. With time will be entered into the Guinness.
Politicians also not wasting. On stage, bulky brick, although not record holder, with wet clay formed: MEPs Janusz Palikot and Wojciech Wilk, the governor kraśnicki Tadeusz Wojtak, Mayor Peter CzuBitfsKi and Mayor Kraśnik Miroslaw Chapski.
The kids standing in front of the stage for the colorfully painted the already burnt bricks. With this best yourself advised: Casper Fisherman, David Pielaszkiewicz, Dominica Kaproń, Magda Stepien and Olivia Osiniak. There were also competitions wrestling on hand. In this discipline it proved to be the strongest Dariusz Zapalski. The winner received the award • Flat-screen TV from the governor Kraśnik.
This year, the festival all surprised the president of the National Association of Manufacturers of Construction Materials “CER-BUD” Andrzej Rej, who showed already without record length beard. Betrayed, however, that many years ago, when buyers were missing bricks and cegielniom threatened bankruptcy, he promised to cut off his beard, when the time comes that the brick will be queued buyer.
– It used to be unlikely this year has become a reality – underlined with satisfaction the president Andrzej Rej, adding jokingly – As promised, I did. The first of July at the Congress of the members of the association solemnly beard was cut.
Andrzej Wojtan