Old brick

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Zamek w Malborku Cegły Standardowe Gotyckie Niemki Duże Klasztorne Płytki

Old brick

Repeatedly praised the renovations monuments. Manufacture Brickyard Trojanowscy always willing to participate in similar projects and provides the best, ideally suited raw materials.

Handmade old brick – quality years

Old brick ideal for both the restoration of monuments and beautification of modern homes. Its popularity is not reduced. It is extremely grateful building material. Excellent and customizable appearance combined with good technical parameters of the old hand-molded brick is a guarantee of satisfaction. Thanks to applying a good attention and work of each of our formers, hand-molded brick gain a unique character, which will not find in any other building material. We invite you to review our previous entries, in which we present our achievements related to the renovation implementations and deployments of innovative conservation techniques in the production of bricks. An example would be to award XVI Fair conservation in 2011 in Torun, here we presented Signing facing bricks grain molded by hand.

Old brick – a modern approach

Our brick stylized retro style is also a great building block for decorating and interior and exterior walls. In our assortment we have various antiqued brick and brick retro, which are characterized by increasingly popular among investors and all those who decide to introduce a unique appearance to their homes. Old brick ideally suited in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or living room. It can be put to both the wall and the floor. Versatility, simplicity and ease of installation are just a few of the many features Manufaktury bricks brickyard Trojanowscy. You have no idea of ​​the interior space with the old brick? We invite you to review our existing implementation. Our gallery is updated on a regular basis, and we are working feverishly to provide you with the best quality bricks.