Ornamental brick

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Ornamental brick

Ornamental brick for years attracted the attention of investors and private users. Their indisputable visual qualities and simple installation make this solution goes out of fashion. Moreover, in recent times, we observe a significant increase in interest in the ornamental brick. It fits perfectly into the interior of the lofts, as well as a great complement to the rustic interior. How to properly select a ornamental brick, and what to remember when laying her?

Ornamental brick has many names

If you live in the house to enjoy the ornamental brick, simply remove the plaster and properly treated and impregnated with exposed brick. The exact process involves brushing or sandblasting walls, and the next its sanding and washing. At the end formulation is used impregnation. If the layer of plaster will not find a brick wall, you can opt for some solutions. For ornamental bricks we include the whole arsenal of different products. We can choose brick retro, antiqued, colorful, and even the facade – face and clinker. Everything depends on how we are going to decorate the interior.

Tile or ornamental brick

Worth considering is to use decorative tiles. Ornamental brick will take a lot of space, and at the same charge ceiling.

What ornamental brick to small and large apartments?

If you want to arrange the apartment with a small area, a good option is to choose brick white. Optically not reduce the space, and at the same time give the apartment a unique character. For large apartments far more interesting choice would be brick black or retro. Create a brick wall great complement visual qualities of the room. There needs to be a main wall. Brick ideally suited as a decoration less important walls in the living room, or another larger room.