Tile brick facade

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Tile brick facade

Tile brick facade a great alternative to brick. Thanks to the simple, easy and less burdensome way arrange both the interior and exterior walls. Fashion on the brick does not pass, what’s more – the popularity of this building material is increasing every year.

Brick tile is a great way to imitation of a real brick

Brick is a heavy material, the use of which in the case of finishing the walls can cause excessive load on the ceiling. Arranging rooms bricks is also not recommended, when we have a small space for development. In such cases, much better to use tile brick. In our offer you can find brick tiles with a thickness of 3 cm. As a result, they do not take up valuable space and are lightweight. Such tiles can finish both walls and floor. Form gives great possibilities of exploitation, which mainly depend on the creativity of the investor. Various colors, the ability to match the dimensions and excellent performance of our bricks allow the use of their inside to raise the values ​​of visual space, as well as for lining facades of buildings. Brick floor tiles are the perfect hall, kitchen or bathroom, and the tiles on the wall turn out to be the perfect addition to any living room.

Tile facade brick – it is very easy stacking

Another big advantage facade brick tiles is the ease of installation. Below briefly we will suggest how to go about self-laying tiles on the walls. First of all, prepare the wall. For this purpose it is necessary to remove paint and scratch the surface. Scratch the wall enables better glue adhesion. The next step should be applying the primer. Preparation of the plates should start from the sanding of the page that you are going to stick to the wall. Then we clean the plate and apply glue. The adhesive must be spread on approximately 80% of the surface of the plate – to distribute a good idea to use a trowel. Brick tiles should be glued from the bottom or from the corner. Bricks must be strictly to each apparatus designer, and subsequent rows of glue on the bet. After applying the last layer of bricks should be impregnated with a special agent that will facilitate the subsequent use of tiles. We encourage creative tiling variety of bonds. In